Red Bottom Shoes Night Shyamalan is a Douchebag

Night Shyamalan is a Douchebag

Every single player I have pulled for at Wimbledon has lost. Men and Women. I had to go to an inservice on 3 hours sleep. My foot still hurts and I miss out onthe 4th of July Tennis Extravaganza for the first time ever. All of that was supposed to be OK because I was going to finish out the week with a movie I had been waiting for, The Last Airbender and I would have a killer drawing to show when I hit the big halfway mark towards posting on my blog for every day of the year. Why was I excited about Red Bottom Shoes this PG movie based on a Nickelodeon cartoon? It was a well written, well animated, and well developed fantasy world that didn talk down to it audience because of their age Red Bot Red Bottom Shoes tom Shoes . It was a classic tale of a hero journey. It was Star Wars meets Harry Potter.

When I heard that M. Night Shyamalan was bringing it to the big screen I wasn that worried. I had seen him on a DVD special feature talking about what he and his family loved about the show. His first two movies were great. His later movies were a progressive down hill slide ending with The Happening (spoilers) where trees tried to kill all the humans by making them want to kill themselves. How could I not be worried? The bad things happen when Shyamalan works on his own creation. This was an established story. He has a strong visual sense. Sounded good. I mean the first season has 230 5 star reviews out of 260 on Amazon. Earlier I compared Avatar: The Last Airbender (the real name of the show) to Star Wars. It an adventure story with kids fighting an evil empire, with fantastic creatures and mystical elements. When I started reading reviews people complained about the strange animals and the goofy idea of people moving rocks with their mind. If you don like those ideas that are a basic premise of the movie, you probably wouldn like it, but c 06%? I read on. The brightly animated show with light hearted moments (the characters are kids after all) was turned into an overly dark movie and I mean that thematically and visually. The reviews also read that the element bending was well animated by ILM but was ridiculous in that before anything would happen the characters did an overly long Tai Chi dance. The cartoon featured some of the best fight animation I ever scene. It was well planned and lightning fast. It was better than most live action fights I seen recently.

Then the M. Night Shyamalan douche factor kicks in. In his infinite wisdom he decide to change thepronunciation of most of the characters names. These aren book characters with questionable pronunciations like Hermione before Harry Potter flick. These are names that have been pronounced in 61 episodes over three years in a show watched by 5 million views. What reason could he have for this? To be respectful of the cultural heritage of the names. Here the irony.

The internet has been in an uproar about his whitewashing of the cast. Characters of obviously non caucasian heritage were cast super white except for the villains, who have anoticeablydarker skin tone. The last straw was Devindra Hardawar, a favorite movie critic and fan of the source material, and hisreview.

Like Harry Potter and Twilight, this movie should have sent people looking for the recent, not poorly aged, source material (which is all available on Netflix watch instantly). I d Red Bottom Shoes on see that happening when critics like Roger Ebert say things like, Last Airbender is an agonizing experience in every category I can think of and others still waiting to be invented

What could have honestly been a new generation Star Wars. This epic adventure is full of fantasy and action. It even includes some extremely strong female characters to bridge the gender gap. Instead of following in the footsteps of the George Lucas material that was great and masterfully handled by letting someone talented do thedialog, Shyamalan decided to go the prequel route, thinking with is ego, else could match my great ideas and writing. How bad is it? It makes me say things I don really mean like, should have let Micheal Bay direct it since he did such a good job with Transformers Think about that friends.