Red Bottom Shoes Night under the stars raises c

Night under the stars raises cash to help the homeless

The supporters spent Saturday night sleeping in cardboard shelters outside the YMCA Sports Centre in Trowse, and took part in activities to bring home the reality of sleeping on the streets.

YMCA Norfolk chief executive, Tim Sweeting, said: “It is great to Red Bottom Shoes see so many supporters sleeping rough to help us do something abo Red Bottom Shoes ut the issue of youth homelessness in our community. On Saturday our supporters got get a sense of what it is like to be out in the cold for a night but it will still not be like it is for somebody sleeping rough on the streets.”

She said: “Homelessness is real on our streets and we want to make sure that vulnerable young people are supported and housed through the great work of the YMCA.”

Reality director Lucy Carne also took a team of eight property experts to experience sleeping rough.

She said: “Here at Reality we’re so used t Red Bottom Shoes o helping people find a home which is why this campaign has really a struck a chord with us.

“We have full empathy with what these individuals have to endure, and we wanted to show support for the street homeless, especially at this time of year with freezing temperatures.”

Saturday’s stint made some realise how lucky they were to only be experiencing sleeping rough temporarily.

Peter Hur Red Bottom Shoes rell, director of Abbotts estate agents, said: “What this experience has led us all to believe is just the hardship and tragedy for individuals who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

“As I thought about spending the night sleeping out, I knew that at least I had the option of going home in the morning some other people do not have that opportunity.”

YMCA Norfolk is encouraging people to help the young and homeless by donating the money they save on items for the 40 days of Lent and donating it to the YMCA.