Red Bottom Shoes Night Denny’s Snack With A Bag

Night Denny’s Snack With A Bag Of Marijuana

Just before 2:30am on Saturday, May 26, a customer at a Niagara Falls Denny’s found himself short on cash for his $9.91 bill, so he tried to barter with what he Red Bottom Shoes did have: one dollar and a bag of marijuana.

According to police, the 31 year old man tried to pay his bill with the pot and single dollar, but the cashier refused the deal. So he turned to the other customers for help.

“He tried to get some of the other people in the restaurant to buy the drugs from him, so he could get the money he neede Red Bottom Shoes d,” Lt. Michael Trane of the Niagara Falls Police Department told ABC News, “but nobody was buying.

When nobody took him up on his offer, he ran out of the restaurant to a nearby wooded area, and the cashier called the police. His escape was foiled when one of the cooks at the restaurant told police he recognized the enterprising bill dodger.

Police went to the home of the man, who is not being identified, but he wasn’t there. Police concluded their investigation into the matter when Denny’s came to an agreement with the suspect. They Red Bottom Shoes won’t press charges as long as he pays the $9.91 bill.

The man also won’t face any drug possession charges , because police didn’t witness the possession or recover any drugs.

“Possession of a small amount of marijuana is just a violation,” Lt. Trane said, “and we’d have to find it or witness the possession in order to press charges.”

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