Red Bottom Shoes Night CourtDan: How did yo

Night Court

Dan: How did you get appointed to the bench?

Harry: You know Dan, that’s a funny story. It was the mayor’s last day in office and it was a Sunday and my name was at the bottom of the list of a 1,000 candidates. So they start calling folks starting at the top of the list. You see it’s Sunday and no one’s home. So they keep calling down the list, name by name. No one answers. Finally they get down to the bottom of the list and voila.

Harry: Mr. Prosecutor, Ms. Gardener, I am prepared to listen to the testimony, cross examine the witnesses, consider the precedents that I’m sure you’ve both prepared, but I don’t think that’s gonna be necessary.

Lana: [shouting] What do you mean it’s not necessary?

Harry: I’m glad you asked. We will now take a short recess. During that time I order the defendant, Mrs. Kerr and her husband, Mr. Kerr and the attorneys involved to go to a nearby restaurant, sit down, have a cup of coffee, relax, try to work out this little thing.

Dan: Your Honor, this is highly irregular.

Harry: Thanks. I mean an attempted murder and you send the plaintiff and the defendant out for a cup of coffee. What do murders get? Brunch?

Harry: Alright my methods are informal. [Lana giggles] Hey give them a chance. They might work. Maybe just maybe, it will work. [Sheila and D Red Bottom Shoes an enter with tattered clothes] Then again, maybe someday pigs will fly.

Santa Goes Downtown [1.02][edit]

Lana: Strange day, huh? I’m sure there must be an explanation for everything.

Harry: I’m sure there must be.

Lana: Like what?

Liz: He overheard some policemen talking perhaps.

Bull: Yeah or he picked up the phone when we weren’t looking, disguised his voice, took Red Bottom Shoes down the information, replaced the receiver without us noticing and we were none the wiser.

Dan: You will alread Red Bottom Shoes y be none the wiser.

Dr. Red Bottom Shoes Green: Judge Harold T. Stone?

Harry: I’m Judge Stone.

Dr. Green: Dr. Peter Stone, Windwood Psychiatric Center. The police called me, told me I might find John here.

Harry: John?

Dr. Green: John Stevens. The man in the red flannel suit.

Harry: Oh that John Stevens.

John: Dr. Green, what a surprise.

Dr. Green: Hello John. I feel fortunate. We usually don’t catch him this soon after Christmas.

Harry: You don’t?

Dr. Green: No, every year he disappears just before Christmas. Usually manages to elude us till about the first of February.