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FBI director: Web monitoring, privacy can co exis Louboutin Shoes tMILWAUKEE (AP) The government can fight computer crime without compromising Americans privacy rights, the head of the FBI said Tuesday, comparing government monitoring to a police department that stations an officer at a gang infested park to make it safe for children and families once again.

FBI Director James Comey was in Milwaukee to visit local law enforcement officers as part of an effort to visit all 56 of the agency field offices. He met with reporters afterward, taking questions abou Louboutin Shoes t FBI efforts to target violent crimes, stem the tide of heroin abuse and combat human trafficking.

He was also asked about cybersecurity issues, including the Target Corp. data breach and recent revealing of the Heartbleed glitch, which has caused major security concerns across the Internet. He was asked how the government balances fighting crime with respecting Americans liberty.

Comey said he rejected the idea that liberty and security can co exist. He said security improves liberty by getting rid of people who would do Louboutin Shoes harm, leaving more freedom for citizens who use the Internet for legitimate reasons.

The Internet is children play, it where our social lives are, it where our health care is, it where our money is. Everything is there and so that where bad people come to get those things, he said. The Internet is a dangerous neighborhood. We need to be there to patrol it. And by being there in a responsible, lawful, carefully overseen way, we can enhance both security and liberty.

He said citizens are right to be skeptical of government power, and that he, himself, shares that skepticism. He said Americans should demand to know the details of government activities: Are communications being gathered legally? Were warrants obtained properly? Are the legal efforts part of a legitimate criminal investigation?Outdoor lovers reject swan hunt proposalMADISON, Wis. (AP) Outdoor enthusiasts say they don want a tundra swan hunting season.

The Conservation Congress, a group of sportsmen that advises the Department of Natural Resources on policy, held its annual spring he Louboutin Shoes arings across the state on Monday. Attendees answered nearly 60 questions asking for their positions on a number of possible proposals.

One question asked whether the attendee would support a tundra swan season. According to questionnaire results the DNR released Monday, 3,199 people voted no and 2,439 voted yes.

Attendees did approve plans to allow trolling statewide, lengthen the trout fishing season and consolidate hunting stamps into a single stamp and fishing stamps into a single stamp, however. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.