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Other words, the solution is (opposed to what you want) to introduce the pairing object, the full object. This (and only this) way you can manage pairing table. Have to say: it is absolutely ok.

Please check this: 24. Best Practices, an extract:

Good usecases for a real many to many associations are Louboutin Outlet rare. Most of the time you need additional information stored in the “link table”. In this case, it is much better to use two one to many ass Louboutin Outlet ociations to an intermediate link class. In fact, we think that most associations are one to many and many to one, you should be careful when using any other association style and ask yourself if it is really neccessary.

Once the (first level citizen) pairing object is introduced, you will in fact gain more. You can extend the settings (value, order, date.) and also you’ll get access to filtering using Louboutin Outlet subqueries. Also, you can check Nhibernate: How to represent Many To Many relationships with One Louboutin Outlet to Many relationships?