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News in Brief

Police are investigating a series of break and enters that have been occurring in the Byron Oakridge area since May 3. They may be related to a male and female who go door to door carrying a clipboard.

Police are looking for a white female in her early 20s, who is about five foot five with a slim build, and a white male in his early 20s, about six feet and 185 pounds.

One Louboutin Outlet to get fit full evening of physical activity is planned for tomorr Louboutin Outlet ow night at Westminster Optimist Park, with demonstrations from South London Baseball, Morrisong Karate and Goodlife Fitness.

As part of London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy, the city is inviting Londoners to enhance their neighbourhoods with a chance to access $ Louboutin Outlet 5,000 from the new SPARKS!

eighbourhood Matching Fund. The fund, which is accepting applications until June 10, allows groups to im Louboutin Outlet plement projects to improve neighbourhoods.