Louboutin New Way To Handle Dog Poop And

New Way To Handle Dog Poop And More

Are you spending your hard earned dollars on designer poop bags? Or still buying the poop scoopers? You are aware of the laws concerning dog poop. You know how it affects your neighbors. You even understand its harmful effects on our environment and our waterways. So you do your part in being a responsible pet owner. But you continue to spend your money and you continue to handle Louboutin your waste bags the way everyone else does it the old way. It is time to step into the next century.

Consider a dog poop bags holder the inexpensive way to take care of dog waste. You can still use waste bags if you prefer. Or you can use no cost plastic grocery or the cheap sandwich bags. And once the dog waste is picked up, it can be discreetly tucked away in the doggie bag carrier. This protects it from breakage and gives a much more pleasing appearance than carrying disgusting full waste bags. That the old way.

In addition, you can use the extra pockets in the dog poop bags holder for other items. You can store your empty pl Louboutin astic bags, dog training accessories, treats, park passes, wallets or whatever you choose to empty your pockets of. In addition, one new designer doggie bag has a clip for your keys, flashlight or a poop bags dispenser. And this same unique carrier has an additional pocket that holds an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer. Of course, this is another item that you always must use after handling dog waste. This must always be used after scoopin Louboutin g your pet feces even if you didn touch anything. Just like after you use the toilet. And now you don need to always remember to put the sanitizer in your pocket when you are out with your pet. It will be conveniently available in the handy carrier.

We have been responsible pet owners for years and always doing it the same way. In order to obey our laws, protect our environment and use our common sense and courtesy to our neighbors, we have picked up our dog poop. And most of us have used the purchased products and then proceeded to carry those ugly, stinky waste bags for all to see. And the possibility of breakage is always there, with the real possibility of spreading germs. Try a better, safer and much cheaper method. Look to the future. Use a dog poop bags holder a unique doggie bag with everything available at your fingertips to discreetly, conveniently and safely carry everything, including your poop bags.

Please consider this new, discreet and safe way to carry your poop bags and your hand sanitizer. This convenient poop pouch will safely and discreetly carry your poop bags, and also has interior and exterior pockets for empty plastic bags, dog training supplies and an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer. It also has a handy clip for a dog poop bags dispenser, keys or a flashlight. Your email address will not b Louboutin e published. Fields marked with asteric are required.