Christian Louboutin New Year Beauty Resolutions

New Year Beauty Resolutions

All pumped about getting Foxtel so you can watch Mad Men and swan about all style with your little buns (of the hair variety) and your little twinsets and pearls and tangerine lipstick? TOPS. But, uh, that was like, so yesterday post. Today it all about hygiene! And dry heels! And milkshakes! Sounds fun doesn it? Yes it does. Shoosh. Put your floaties on and dive in. Hurry up. My paddle pop is melting.

It matters little that I am sent makeup to review an Christian Louboutin d play with (as opposed to buying it), because just like you, I have my favourites, and they are the ones I carry around with me until they are fetid little knobs (lipstick), or globby, dirty goo pierced by grotty multi coloured spongetips (lipgloss), blunt, painful pencils (eyeliner) or dry, funny smelling black dust (mascara). Don worry, I never use things past their use by date, least of all mascara I have a strict four week rule I just apply my makeup 15 times a day, which is why they tire so fast. But it madness! Disgusting! I could replace any one of them in the shake of a drag queen boa! And yet I cling to them, carting the about in a (pretty revolting on the inside foundation and concealer marks everywhere, loose eye dust on everything) make up bag as though they were the last cosmetics on earth. AND! People actu Christian Louboutin ally ask to see in my makeup bag! That is the worst part! I am forced to expose these manky, overused tools to eyes that shine with hope and excitement at seeing The Holy Grail of Makeup Bags!

I vow to this year follow my own advice and repair or chuck things when they become visually and nasally offensive. How is one supposed to be A Lady when one makeup bag looks like that of a five year olds? Albeit a very trend focused, sophisticated five year old with sublime taste in makeup?

How I will achieve this: I will look after my toys. Sharpen when required. Replace all lids properly. Clean out my makeup bag immediately should something spill. Become a Grown Up, which was something I thought would probably already kicked in by now. Oh well.


I know I touched on this yesterday with the sunscreen resolution, but there is A LOT more I could be doing for my body. A quick scan reveals: Dry elbows and heels. Fake tan remnants on my stomach (why does it always build up around the bra ribs line? Oh. Because of the bra rubbing on the ribs. I see. Carry on.) Hairy knees. Little bumps on the back of my arms. Wrinkles on my chest when I wake up each morning And there is the face, all hydrated and plump looking down with superiority over it all. It not good enough. After all, as far as I am aware, I will not be wearing full body burkas or ski suits or muumuus later in life, so ther is no reason why I should not be protecting and loving the skin on my body as I do my face and hair Christian Louboutin .

How I will achieve this: By using a dedicated neck and decolletage cream daily. (Sounds OTT but the skin on the neck and chest is completely different and much thinner than the skin on your face, and as such has different needs.) By using one of the new anti aging body moisturisers, (like Prevage new Total Transforming Anti Aging Moisturiser) complete with antioxidants and firming agents and small elves who massage the cream into your body. By treating my feet as I would my hands with thick feet balms a couple of nights a week. By exfoliating ALL the old tan off before slathering on the new.


One of the big trends in beauty for 2009 is supplements or what I like to call, beautification via mastication. It been coming for a while you will have noticed that what is good for our bodies started showing up on our skin care (green tea, acai, goji berries etc) a while back. But now it going to go fully sick. There will be supplements, shakes, snacks and shakes (I believe there was a rule about all of them having to start with the letter all designed to help your skin cells be at their optimal health and as such, your skin look good/youthful/beautiful. Ther Christian Louboutin e will be probiotics and there will be superfoods and there will be antioxidants and our bodies and skin will thank us.

How I will achieve this: I already started: I was given a box of shake sachets for Christmas by my dear friend JD. They are called Berry Radical, they are certified organic and they have a whopping 10 of the world most powerful antioxidants, INCLUDING CHOCOLATE! They taste like a Cherry Ripe and I fricken love them. The brand is MiVitality. They are expensive. But get used to it all the effective, high quality supplements will be. (Think of them like a luxurious skincare serum they contain highly concentrated ingredients and new technology that why they cost $$$.)