Christian Louboutin New winners on The BlockTh

New winners on The Block

The sisters, who left the Christian Louboutin ir husbands and small children at home Christian Louboutin to take part in the show, started in last place and were given the first floor unit to renovate after a disastrous first challenge.

The first all girl team to win The Block said they were glad their hard work had paid off with their apartment selling for $1.435 million $295,000 over its reserve price.

As prices at the auction rose sky high, Sydney newlyweds Madi and Jarrod came in at a close second place with a buyer paying $1.601 million ($291,000 above the reserve price) for their sub penthouse.

“Madi and Jarrod’s auction was obviously the most nervous time for us,” Alisa said.

“It looked like they were going to sell $50,000 before they did, but it kept going up until there was only $4000 difference between us.

“That whole time I was like, ‘Would you hurry up?’

“The auctioneer, seriously, would not put that hammer down.

“He did a bloody good job.”

Brisba Christian Louboutin ne duo Trixie and Mark “Johnno” Johnson’s penthouse went for $1.605 million ($205,000 beyond its reserve price), Melbourne’s Bec and George Douros’s third floor apartment was purchased for $1.507 million ($242,000 over its reserve price) and Matt Di Costa and Kimberley Owen’s level two apartment sold f Christian Louboutin or $1.455 million ($250,000 higher than its reserve price).