Christian Louboutin New West murder victim identif

New West murder victim identified as Sam Balani

And IHIT has identified the victim as 32 year old Sam Balani, who was shot to death about 6:15 am in his basement suite in the 500 block of Colby Street.

“Investigators have been processing the crime scene overnight and in to the day and can say this suspicious death has been confirmed as a targeted homicide,” Sgt. Jennifer Pound said in a news release.

My tip is get a grip on reality and stop watching, listening and beliving all the bs Christian Louboutin you see on tv and stuff. spend a few years in school when your young and enjoy life till you 88 cause this gang life or fast life livin in surrey will on give you 5 good years then your either locked up , a junky or dead. Most of the money goes through your fingers on the lifestyle, cars , girls, clothes and guns. thats what I spent it on. No one will take this advice lol I guess I can predict the future for a quit a few, but for the rest give ur head a shake and think if its worth i.

it just isnt what it used to be. Have some fun, make some money , and take it easy. Now days everyones out to make a quick buck but when they get caught they are quick to rat out cause they cant handle the bit. I ve made money flipping cars, through credit card and other stuff, and when i get caught i do my time, The games gone cause people do too violent of a crime or get caught red handed with too much drugs and end up doing years. The person whose identity is being withheld is believe to have possibly died from some forum of trauma. IHIT will be on scene for a long time and may require additional donuts and coffee and tips from the public. Please help with at least the first request. More information to come.

Yomant you goof pussy talking shit again. Gurm feared the Duhres and so did S Christian Louboutin ukh. Sukh and his boys were dropping Dips name everywhere he went. Thats what made Dip the target. Gurm didn do shit except role down a window in a murder beef. He was the biggest bitch. Sukh sucked Dips dick and was buying him massage chairs and jewlery. Everybody thats been around at all in gangster scene knows all this. Writing Christian Louboutin BS on blogs isn going to change history. Yomant you little Abby bitch. The only shit Sukh did was after his bro got killed and he couldn even do anything right or the war would have been over long time ago. Nobody cares about Sukh or his bro now they are gone. Little bitch UN crew isn going to do anything thats for sure. But all the people that love Dip will do something and nobody will ever know it was them. Love you Uncle Dip. Even Sukh and his crew called Dip uncle. Thats respect.

Dip was around for 20 plus years. Always had respect. Loony had his name blown up from the blogs for the last year and now hes gone or will be soon. Same with Larry. He needed millions of dollars to throw at recruiting Dips guys. They even knew Terry Alkalil and his brothers were rats. They overlooked it because they are pussys. Where Loony now? Why is he hiding out like a little bitch and leaving his boys as targets? Dip chased Terry and his brothers out of Van years ago to Ottawa. Terry and his bro were getting Dips houses raided week after week from their fake statements. Dip chased the cowboys out of Van years ago too. They all teamed up together because they needed to stand a chance against Dip. Ask Damion when his uncle asked Dip to do him a favor and leave Damion alone because hes a dumb kid and he will take responsibility for him. When Damion didn listen the uncle pulled his bail to keep him alive. Loony and Larry can verify all that because they used to look up to Dip back then. They were always showing him respect when they saw him.

Hey Kim, I see a lot of wanna bes the know on your blog, but I was wondering if you knew to what degree robby alkhalil is involved in the current gang war? the news articles of his coke ring bust state that he is a central figure in what been going on between the Dhak Duhres and the HA/RS/IS war.

Ozololins, blackie and all those names that went missing were killed because they fucked over their club brothers. Just because they had a patch doesn mean you have immunity for fucking up. Stealing and cheating from your brothers gets you killed. So, like any job , follow the rules do your job right and you will be able to retire (in Christian Louboutin good standing) and pull up a stool at woodys or Langley hotel and tell war stories to all the oldtimers

To add to your telling it like it is

they all fuck each other over. If you knew the backstabbing, lying, cheating and power struggles that go on behind those club walls you would wonder how they haven wiped themselves out of existence. They have club rules but tell me how often does a sociopath follow rules. Bottom line is if you can hold your own you are out. There is no room for weakness, they are vultures and will destroy their own. Support doesnt mean what it would to regular joes. There is a decent list of guys over the last decade who got turfed for pushing it too far. Ohara is one of them. Stanton was murdered. Robatzek blew it more than once.

What do you think LHR means to an outlaw 1%?

Out of all those guys on the vanished or banished list you pick these 2?

Everyone knows how they fucked up. It was public knowledge. In all the papers. At least try your theory with guys that the general public doesn know the backstory or motive behind them going on long term disability. All these guys have proven to be untrustworthy pieces of trash even to to a group of untrustworthy trash. You people act like all these other groups don do the same thing. The hells angels aren perfect but they have a good business model. The red scorpions lasted 3 years? UN = between 5 10 years

The gangs that became hells angels =50 years

It was only a matter of time before other gangs surfaced in the west but they still hold down the monopoly. i agree that some guys didnt want any part of paying into that dirty biker clique but have to say it takes an extraordinary psycho to go up against one of the most ruthless gangs in the world.

It takes so long to get in the club because they carefully select a special garden variety of sociopath that it takes to be a heels angel. Exception is the walrus in WR he bot his way in when WR was olds school broke ass bikers. That when greed took over and all the juiced up mma money boys got patched.

The great support system is built on fear. They take care of their own you screw up your fate is decided by the majority vote

Eternal damnation straight to hell do not pass go

And it no insult to them, they got no soul so if they get 5 minutes of fame and fortune off of the misery of others it was worth it to them. 1%

Status and heat bags are the name of the game wise guy. How do you think they get their reputation? Sonny Barger is the biggest heatbag of them all and is applauded as a hero for publically taunting cops and evading the law. It easy to think way outside the box but I disagree about the club changing. You know the golden rule right? Evolving would be a better word. Those old guys will continue mentoring their new generation of sons. So what they dont like motorcycles. Walrus still tells everyone he got his patch for the girls he already had his crew and paper long time before his club days. Most top guys don respect him and he knows if he didn have stacks he wouldn have been patched.

Almost every charter in the world has the same problems with rivals. The change in BC is not the club itself its the rival landscape surrounding the club and the seizure and gang laws. The question is whether the law can finally catch up to them before the rivals and violence do.

Donkey threatened BK the day before he capped her while on Oxy (Oxford street no pun intended)

RIP Sukh. The tide came, and you tried ur best to surf it. U didnt ask for war nor created it. You stacked the green and left it for ur family yet u stayed away from them to protect them. Nor do they let off full clips injure 4 and only kill 1.

Kim does QV still think KS the barbarian sent him up with Interpol?JB tried to kill the barbarian and also QV. he sent the Donkey.