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News from Duxford

‘The Lion’ at Duxford SchoolAs usual the monthly meeting of Duxford parish Council will be held at the school on the second Thursday of the month which means THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY at 8pm. As usual local residents are encouraged to attend and have a special Open Forum slot on the agenda for them to raise queries or issues with their elected representatives. It is also Winter Sports Day at Duxford School!For the benefit of those families who are new to the school, and wonder what it means when the weather is har Louboutin Shoes dly reminiscent of the winter Olympics some clarification is called for!This is an annual Duxford tradition and great fun. All the children take part, in house teams with representatives from each class, and move around the school doing indoor games such as jumping, basketball and throwing bean bags. It makes for a very special day and the really lovely thing is watching how kind and encouraging the older children always are with the younger ones and how much all the children enjoy themselves.PUPILS CHALLENGE TO SUPPORT WWFPupils in Year 6 of Duxford School have decided they would like to raise money for Worldwide Fund for Nature. To encourage their initiative and inventiveness, the PTA have kindly put up the funding so that each child can have a loan. Over half term an Louboutin Shoes d the next few weeks they will be using their talents to make the money grow (just like the New Testament Parable of the Talents)For example, this could involve making cakes and biscuits, drawing pictures, washing cars and many other interesting enterprises. They will then return the and their profits to school. The loan will be repaid and the profits will be donated to WWF and doubtless many schoolmates, families and neighbours in Duxford will have benefitted from their efforts and the children enjoyed learning new lessons from the experience.HALF TERM ACTIVITIES ATTRACTIONS!The February half term activities at IWM Duxford daily from SATURDAY 15 to SUNDAY 23 FEBRUARY, focus on telling the story of Big Week the bombing campaign that paved the way for the D Day invasion.Bringing history to life, their professional will play two roles, representing a member of RAF Bomber Command, who, during the morning sessions, will be proudly showing the Lancaster bomber to his United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) colleague (also the interpreter with a quick swap of hat and jacket!). You will be able to eavesdrop on the conversation and find out more about the capabilities of the Lancaster and the role it played in preparing the ground for the D Day invasion.In the afternoon, the interpreter swaps his c Louboutin Shoes haracters, hats and jackets around to represent the USAAF airman showing his RAF Bomber Command counterpart around the iconic American B 17 Flying Fortress. Alongside the RAF character, you find out why the B 17 is such a fascinating aircraft.These sessions of true tales from the RAF take place next to the Lancaster in at 10.30am, 11.15am and noon. And then in the American Air Museum next to the B 17 Flying Fortress at 1.30pm, 2.15pm and 3pm.There is also the opportunity for youngsters to enjoy some hands on craft fun, making badges and paper aircraft, under the wings of Concorde between 10.30am and 2.30pm.February half term activities are included in standard admission to IWM Duxford, which means, as usual, children aged 15 and under are free. And of course, residents in Duxford and other villages adjacent to the Airfield can apply for a of Duxford card permitting free entry (except on air Show and selected special occasions). This month the focus will be on understanding and making best use of the key resource of (BMD) Indexes CertificatesCFHS will also be selling a wide range of CDs of transcribed parish records that will help you take your research back even further. The Duxford URC Sunday worship takes the form o Louboutin Shoes f a Family service led by Mrs Jill Taylor at 11am.