Louboutin Outlet NHibernate Eager Fetching Over

NHibernate Eager Fetching Over Multiple Levels

So far, this looks good SQL re Louboutin Outlet turns the correct set of records (with only one distinct orderid), but when I run a test to confirm the correct number of entities (from NH) for Orders and Lines, I get the wrong results

I should be getting (from my test data), 1xOrder and 4xLine, however, I am getting 4xOrder and 4xLine. It appears that NH is not recognising the ‘repeating’ group of Order information in the result set, nor correctly ‘reusing’ the Order entityI am using all integer IDs (PKs), and I’ve tried implementing IComparable of T and IEquatable of T using this ID, in the hope that NH will see the equality of these entities. I’ve also tried overridd Louboutin Outlet ing Equals and GetHas Louboutin Outlet hCode to use the ID. Neither of these ‘attempts’ have succeededIs “multiple leveled fetch” a supported operation for NH, and if so, is there an XML setting required (or some other m Louboutin Outlet echanism) to support it?