Louboutin Outlet NHibernate how do you map a cr

NHibernate how do you map a crossreference table to a bag

I have recently inherited a project at work that contains NHibernate. I am extremely new to it and have to make a modification to one of the mappings. I’ve read through the documentation here and I’m still not sure how to do this or if my understanding/terminology is even correct. Generally your relationships above would be represented by 2 classes User and . User has a collection of s an Louboutin Outlet d s have a collection of Users. The intermediate table s in your example would not have a C class mapped to it.

Cole W

Apr 17 at 1:47

The cascade setting on many to many is doing (most likely) different thing than one would expect. It is not related to the pairing table but to the second end of that mapping.

Cascading of the pairing object is done out of Louboutin Outlet the box. It does not have to be mapped, in fact Louboutin Outlet it cannot be mapped or turned off. Other words I would suggest to remove that cascade, unless you really want to change the in persistence, if you are working with some User.

Turns out the mapping from back to User was present, but it was commented out and I not familiar enough with NHibernate yet to understand why that matters. Uncommenting that fixed it, but that brings up the question of why it was commented and why the User bag wasn changed after commenting. “In case of many to many there obviously could be mapping on both sides” Not so obvious to a complete noob. And if I being honest the documentation is a bit overwhel Louboutin Outlet ming but I will look into reworking this as many to ones as your links suggest ty!.