Christian Louboutin Newborn Is Left In BagBy T

Newborn Is Left In Bag

By Thomas J. Gibbons Jr. and Michael E.

The 7 pound, 7 ounc Christian Louboutin e infant was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where doctors and nurses gradually raised her body temperature Christian Louboutin . They dubbed her “Jenny Doe” and reported her in good condition late yesterday.

The mother, identified by police as Pandora Mills, 19, of the 200 block of South 60th Street, was located after police canvassed the area. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Detectives said Mills lives with her mother and her grandmother and has another child, aged 2. They said she had been hiding her pregnancy from her relatives by wearing loose clothing. in the family’s second floor apartment, investigators said. She apparently cleaned the baby, dressed her in a jumpsuit, and wrapped her in a towel and a sheet.

Police said she placed the infant inside a green plastic trash bag, tied the neck of the bag in a knot, and placed the bag on a second floor fire escape just outside an apartment window. The temperature was in the mid 50s.

Police found the baby and rushed her to Children’s Hospital.

On arrival, the infant’s temperature was measured with a special thermometer capable of taking very low readings, said emergency room nurse Christine Heller. But the temperature did not register on the thermometer, which begins at 84 degrees. Normal body temperature is 98.6.

“She was chilled,” said Evelyn Anastasia, the head nurse in the cardiac unit, where the baby was taken later. “She was blue and jittery.”

Newborns are particularly susceptible to rapid loss of body heat, nurses said.

The infant’s body chemistry also was out of balance, her heart rate was low, and carbon dioxide in her blood was high, from breathing the stale air in the trash bag, hospital officials said.

Heller said t Christian Louboutin he baby was placed in an incubator and was given intravenous fluids that had been Christian Louboutin warmed in a blood warming machine. Gradually, over three hours, the baby’s body temperature was raised to normal.

Later the baby was taken to the cardiac unit.

There, yesterday afternoon, she was sleeping peacefully, clad only in a pink knitted cap but warmed in the incubator and surrounded by vigilant

machinery. Sensors recording her heart rate and respiration were attached to her body, as were several intravenous tubes.

Nurse Christine Rosado said the infant had been called Jenny “because she looks like a Jenny.”

Dick Olanoff, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Human Services, said his department would handle the case because the child apparently was abandoned. He said a social worker would interview the mother to see whether it was safe to return the child to her. If not, the baby would go into emergency foster care.

Mills, who also was charged with aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child, was awaiting arraignment last night at the Police Administration Building.