Christian Louboutin Newborn to 6 Months Baby Accom

Newborn to 6 Months Baby Accomplishments

Not much is more exciting than bringing your newborn into your home! With this exciting time, overwhelming feelings of what comes next and when can occur. As new parents, we want to be there for every important first roll, coo, and smile. A good idea beforehand is to read up on what and when to expect your little one to reach every new phase.

1 Month Milestones

The first few weeks will be filled with sleeping, eating, and dirty diapers. When she is awake make sure to always support her head when picking her up and holding her. Without head support, your new baby can damage neck, spine, or head muscles. As parents, you are getting to know your newborn. This means you will begin to recognize all her different cries. By week four, all the hard work begins to pay off and your baby will become more alert responding to sounds and voices, following movement with her eyes, and putting her hands in her mouth. Her mo Christian Louboutin vements will become more fluid and she’ll be less likely to be startled as her nervous system develops.

1 Month Items Needed

Hospitals won’t release your baby into your custody without an infant car seat installed properly and ready to go. You can get your car seat installed by professionals or have it inspected to ensure it is safe. Before your baby arrives, you’ll want to do your research to find the perfect crib and changing station to fit your life style and nursery. Other items to have ready are a baby monitor, sleeping sacks or blankets, and nursery items like bedding and lighting. These items will help make your baby’s first days at home more comfortable and make your first month of parenting easier.

1 3 Month Milestones

With the first month behind you, your delightful baby is growing more and more each day. She will have gained up to 2lbs and will continue at this rate each m Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin onth. Your baby recognizes your voice now and follows you with her eyes. She most likely is responding to your voice or face with coos and giggles and has good neck control. Discovering her hands and feet, she just might spend the entire afternoon opening and closing her hands, grasping her feet, and reaching for toys. You can begin “tummy time” by placing her on her stomach to help gain strength in her arms and midsection. This is a great time to encourage the position of crawling and scooting.

1 3 Month Items Needed

This is the important stage of enjoying time away from the house. You can meet friends and introduce them to your new little one! You and your baby will need a stroller and diaper bag packed with baby toys, changing items, and feeding accessories. Your baby will love the fresh air and new scenery with shopping and walks outdoors. At the end of the day you can use a baby bath with calming scents to wash away the day and prepare her for a good night’s sleep.

4 6 Month Milestones

At this landmark, your baby is quickly maturing into her Christian Louboutin own person with personality and originality. She is communicating with you using different movements and cries, responding to the word ‘no’, and can distinguish emotions in your voice. All her senses are developed and she loves to use them by purposely reaching out and grabbing objects using sight and touch, and hearing you call her name. Your baby’s coordination is also quickly maturing as she sits up, rolls over, and will possibly even crawl. This is also a fundamental time where she learns that she is a separate entity from you and can go through some detachment issues by crying when you leave the room.

4 6 Month Items Needed

Now that your baby can sit and hold herself up, she is ready for a high chair, jumper, and a baby swing. Always keep an eye on your little one when she is using one of these items and she should always be fully buckled in for her ultimate safety. Play yards are also a great option to allow her to exercise, roll, and scoot in a safe environment. Now that she is rapidly becoming mobile, be sure to install baby gates at doorways and stairways.

A Look Back

In a short six months, your baby went from a helpless newborn to an independent baby that can sit up and crawl to you! Before you know it, she will be a one year old and taking her first steps. Cherish and enjoy every precious moment and be sure to keep a journal of all her important milestones to share with her when the time is right.