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Newborn Dead On Beach Frozen Baby Under Wildwood Boardwalk

Local schools, health service agencies and hospitals also were being contacted in an effort to gain in Christian Louboutin formation about any rec Christian Louboutin ent births, Davenport said.

An autopsy yesterday failed to determine the cause of death, he said, adding that police were awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

“It’s going to be listed as an unknown cause of death, maybe until the toxicology reports come in,” Davenport said. He said the child was black.

Davenport said the baby probably had been placed under the Boardwalk ramp as early as Wednesday. The infant’s body was frozen, despite a weekend thaw in the weather, he said.

Temperatures reached as low as zero in the shore area on Thursday.

Davenport said the bag containing the baby also con Christian L Christian Louboutin ouboutin tained the placenta, umbilical cord and other signs of a recent birth. The infant was wrapped in a white bath towel and the plastic bags, inside a “maroon shopping type bag with canvas handles,” similar to air travel carry on luggage.

The bag was lying under a ramp that leads from the beach to the Boardwalk and was retrieved by a woman walking with a male companion, he said.

The Cape May County prosecutor’s office has joined police in the investigation.

Davenport said the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office has been conducting an ongoing investigation into two cases where newborn babies were discovered dead last year, in Northfield and in Atlantic City. He said police do not believe there was a connection between the Cape May County and Atlantic County cases.